Knock down rebuild

Knock down rebuild Mitcham

Monday, September 29, 2014
Problem solving with knock down rebuild in Mitcham. Interesting problem with some of our clients in Mitcham the old home was situated on Whitehorse Road and the traffic noise was driving my clients mad. They have been looking for a suitable property with their chosen area of Mitcham but have been unsuccessful.  The homes are either too small or of poor design so problem being what to do. The answer was a knock down rebuild in Mitcham their chosen suburb. With
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Knock down rebuild Blackburn

Friday, September 26, 2014
Mr and Mrs W came to see me with a common scenario. An old home in Blackburn purchased in the 1980's at a very low price considering today’s prices. Their problem is they are looking to retire and the home requires major repairs including re-stumping.  The land size is 750m/2 and is situated on a side street with town houses already constructed in the same street. My advice was to knock down the old and rebuild two new town houses.
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Knock down rebuild Box Hill

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
We are currently quoting many knock down rebuilds in the Box Hill area. Most lots are of good size and suitable for knock down rebuilds. The council for the Box Hill area is Whitehorse and they are very helpful with the many applications being submitted.  With Box Hill offering everything from Hospitals to schools and shopping centres a plenty it is little wonder so many people are wanting to call Box Hill home with a knock down rebuild being a
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Knock down rebuild Donvale

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Mr and Mrs D came to me last week looking for a knock down rebuild price on their land 860m/2 and a corner lot.  We discussed the possibility of constructing two town houses and the costs associated. Demolition came in at $14k and the construction for two 25 square homes around $650k they were very interested. We are currently designing the two town homes with an intention of lodging a planning application to the Manningham council in six week time. 
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Knock down rebuild Templestowe

Monday, September 15, 2014
Berstan Homes is currently working on a knock down rebuild in Templestowe. The project has involved the demolition of a 1970's home and the replacement with a French provincial home by Berstan Homes known as the Florence51.  A stunningly designed home from the grand entrance with wrought iron balustrade staircase to the grand master bedroom and traditional European ensuite. Some of the other features are formal dining, formal lounge, theatre room, open plan living, cellar, guest bedroom with ensuite and
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Knock down rebuild Essendon solution

Thursday, September 11, 2014
As our population gets older, people are looking for housing solution for the older members of their family and duel occupancy is definitely an option worth considering.  A client came to me some 12 months ago with a common situation my client's mother was living in a large home and maintenance of the home was becoming an increasing problem at her age. The home was a double story and way too large for a single person and the stairs were
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Knock down rebuild Donvale

Tuesday, September 09, 2014
Mr T from Donvale is currently renting a property and would like to live in his own home in the Eastern suburbs, preferably in the Donvale area.  Mr T's father owns a 690 m/2 site in Donvale, the site has an existing home which is rented out. Mr T came to me looking at the possibility of a knockdown rebuild of two homes on this site. I inspected the site and the existing home is in fairly good condition. I
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Knock down rebuild Ivanhoe

Sunday, September 07, 2014
Mr & Mrs M from Ivanhoe have a knock down rebuild currently under way with Berstan Homes. Mr & Mrs M were living in an old existing home that just did not suit their needs any more, so they decided to contact me to discuss their options.  They wanted a 35s/q double storey home for themselves and two smaller homes for a rental income to help with their retirement plans. With a land size 1000m/2 we were able to fit
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Knock down rebuild Essendon

Friday, September 05, 2014
Essendon, what a great location close to everything from shops, transport, CBD and more. We have started a knock down rebuild in Kerr street Essendon and what a transformation from old to new.  The old home shown is well passed it's used by date and ready for demolition and a classic for a knockdown rebuild. The demolition has been completed and the new construction is well under way. The new dwellings we are building are interesting to build with the
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