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Do It Yourself Packages

At Berstan we can facilitate some extra-ordinary ways for you to save on your new home and try to roll back some of these ever increasing costs.  

Why The Costs Add Up

We are very goal-oriented in Western culture, and we often count our successes by how much we accomplish. When building a new home it is our responsibility to help you through the process by being flexible and using our vast experience to guide you around the many obstacles so we can together accomplish something great – your new home.

Building costs in Australia are only moving in one direction and this is due to many contributing factors.

Tradesman are now in the top tier of money earners as the push to send children to university to be a professional has taken many potentially great tradesman in other directions. In turn this has increase demand and therefore the cost of employing tradesman.

Occupational Health and Safety regulations have now made it to the domestic housing sector and as such there are compliance costs associated with keeping job sites safe for workers.

Building materials are going up and up as resources are less, demand is higher and production costs are rising. Carbon tax is already having an effect on prices of materials and the effect is only in one direction... up.

Clever Design

At Berstan we can facilitate some extra-ordinary ways for you to save on your new home and try to roll back some of these ever increasing costs. With clever designs Berstan has limited the build costs of many of our houses which save materials and labour during the build. By building the house quickly, Berstan limits the amount and duration of supervision and in turn saves you money.

Your Turn to Save You Money

Now it can be your turn to save you money. If you are a painter or you know a painter you can do your own painting in your own house, this will save you (depending on size) anywhere from $2500, you can actually say that you helped build your own house.

Berstan can facilitate the use of any other trade in the same way, clearly all insurances must be ok and licensed trades must still be registered but the cost saving for doing your own tiling, painting, cabinetry or landscaping can be massive.

Help Build Your Own Home

Many of the larger hardware stores have courses on these trades and they can be accomplished by a beginner with some simple research and a little commitment and some basic hand skills. The joy of looking at your new floor knowing that you laid the tiles you’re standing on, hanging favourite picture on a wall that you painted is both very rewarding and cost savvy. Most internal finishes can be slowly completed after the certificate of Occupancy has been received. This gives the chance for you to move at your own pace whilst targeting the more critical rooms of the house.

For example if the master-bedroom and ensuite is painted the rest of the home can wait until you are settled in for a week or so and do a bedroom each weekend. Alternatively you could paint at night concentrate on the landscaping on the weekends.  The possibilities are endless as to the money you could save and approach you could take.

At Berstan Homes we are flexible enough to take the worry out of the ‘do it yourself’ approach in your own home by providing the guidance and expertise required to make sure the job is done right and stands the test of time.

Berstan Homes can offer advice on all areas where it is possible for you to save some money and have the reward of personal input to your home. When you are building with Berstan Homes you are already in the building process, but by doing some of the work yourself you become, part of the building process.

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