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Our Attention to the Detail

It is through experience that Berstan Homes has decided to do a few things differently to make sure that your new home stays in great shape. Here are just few of the items that set us apart from the crowd.

Plasterboard Ceiling application

It is standard for Berstan to batten out all trusses and not to apply plasterboard directly to truss bottom cords. Reason being that trusses are designed to flex and it is with such movement that plaster ceilings may break there fixing points and subsequently fall down. Causing not only damage to your home but possible serious injury to its occupants.

Berstan believe that for the extra cost of battening the ceilings areas is secondary when it comes to you and your families safety.

Wet Area Preparation

The failure shower wet areas and the associated costs in rebuilding them has been an area of concern for a lot of builders. The nature of water is to find the way into the gap and silently damage your home. With a Berstan Home it is standard to ‘tank’ the shower areas to ensure that the water goes where it should – down the plug hole and out of your house. Tanking is the application of a waterproof membrane which seals in the water to the shower area and protects the structure behind it.

Berstan engages qualified tanking technicians to carry out these works and provides  a warranty to back it up so you can rest assured that your showers will look great well after others with none tanked showers have failed.

Alfresco Areas

Many builders do not give you a floor in your new alfresco area. With Berstan Homes we believe that without a floor it is not a complete so we provide tiling to the whole area.If you feel a timber floor would be more to your liking Berstan can arrange this also after all its your home and you should get what you want not what someone else wants.

Exhaust Fans

Berstan installs an exhaust fan in every laundry because if a clothes dryer is installed and operated the condensation over time will create a mould problem which is not only unsightly but can lead to serious health problems for you and your family. With this in mind Berstan believes that cost comes secondary when it comes to your families health.


What a great feature of any home they are not only practical but stylish letting the outside air to past through your home unfortunately many other uninvited little visitors come in as well.

At Berstan we have flyscreens installed to every window to eliminate the insects intruding your home providing you more added comfort in a Berstan Home. The other reason for flyscreens on your windows is not just for comfort its for security to your family from germs and viruses caused by these little insects.


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