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New Home Building Services

Berstan Homes offers personalised house building services with a strong focus on quality and affordability. We also offer a complete one stop shop for knock down rebuilds and subdivisions:


Town planning – Berstan homes employs experienced planners for dealing with the council planning and we sort out most issues prior to them being potential problems. By using this approach Berstan Homes saves time and money for their clients.

Surveys – Every new home building project and developments requires surveys of some sort and Berstan Homes use the best in the business.

Soil testing – A very important part of the house building process, the company that Berstan Homes uses has 30 years’ experience. The wrong interpretation of the soil samples can lead to numerous problems with the foundations and ultimately large expense so quality Geo Technical support is pivotal for a good build.

Subdivisions – Often a very lengthy process and can be very expensive if the wrong surveying company is used Berstan Homes offers a house construction service at very competitive rates.

Design – A combination of the client and the Berstan Homes team working together for the perfect outcome in appearance and functionality.

Full drafting service – A fully comprehensive service from start to finish.

Landscaping plans – Most shires and councils now require a full landscaping plan with types of trees, shrubs, grasses and plantings. At Berstan Homes we offer a complete landscaping drafting service to meet all requirements.

Landscape design – Besides the home the front landscaping is the next component people look at and there is a need for the design to be functional and easy on the eye. With the correct design the landscaping can add plenty of value to your home.

Engineering – A extremely important part of the build from foundations to lintel’s. 

Impact statements – Historical reports. Many older buildings in certain suburbs can require a historical report and Berstan Homes has experts available for this task.

Energy reporting – All new homes are now required to have an energy rating report commissioned by a certified energy rater.

Arborist reports – Most developments unfortunately require the removal of some trees and that would require an Arborist report for compliance to the local authority.

Custom builds – As the trusted name in house building in Melbourne, most Berstan Homes are customized in one way or another to achieve that perfect home build because nobody is the same. Let’s face it this is your home why wouldn’t you want a well-designed new home that suits you and your family.

Knock down rebuilds – By now most people realise a knock down rebuild is very cost effective in comparison to extending their existing home. Also a great way of staying in the area you like and with a new build you will achieve a home that suits you and your family.

Multiunit developments – Many older homes are sited on large blocks with the potential of a multiunit development. This is a golden opportunity for clients to capitalize on their investment. Berstan Homes can help market the units and forward sell them without any risk to the client. This is a great way to get a brand new home and put money in your bank.

Your design or ours – Something you would expect from a premier provider of custom built and affordable new home building services, Berstan Homes will work with your plans or ours.

Pools – Berstan Homes can and will incorporate pools in the build if requested.

Demolition – Berstan Homes has several demolition companies that they use and all are experts in their chosen field.

Land selection – Berstan Homes can source land for clients through their extensive developer network and get the best deal for you the client.

Investment packages – Berstan Homes has a range of investor packages available in sort after areas and have a property management service if required.

S.M.S.F property investments – Other than being a company specialising in house construction services, Berstan Homes has special investment packages designed for the self-managed superannuation fund holders. Berstan Homes has selected several high growth areas and with these investments being a new build no stamp duty on the build is applicable.

Finance – Berstan Homes has several finance broker companies working alongside them with some 30 lenders to choose from so rest assured you will get the best deal possible.

Environmental impact statements – As an authority in home construction services, Berstan Homes has experts available for these works.

All of our consultant partners have been selected by Berstan Homes over the years and are experts in their chosen fields. Clients can rest assured they are in safe hands when they choose Berstan Homes as their build partners.


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