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Building Green

Green Home Building is an approach to building that seeks to minimise harmful effects on the environment by safeguarding air, water and earth through the use of energy efficient, environmentally friendly building materials and practices.

At Berstan homes we fully endorse this approach in the building
of our homes.  

Sustainable Forestry Programs
– replant at the first opportunity after harvesting trees, to ensure the availability of forests for future generations. Investment in technology allows trees to be grown on the forestland at two to three times the rate of comparable unmanaged forests.

Trees Absorb Carbon Dioxide – a greenhouse gas, from the air and give off oxygen. All of this carbon continues to be stored in the wood after harvesting because trees are actually carbon. Million tons of CO2 per year are removed from the air in this way.

Manufactured Timber Joists – use up to 95% of a log and turns it into high-performance engineered timber, using small-diameter trees that aren’t usable for traditional timber, this optimises the yield from the plantation timber and provides high quality ‘stabilised’ timber for use in housing.

Energy Ratings – are a way to measure the way in which a house will perform with regard to energy usage. LED lights, orientation, appliance choices, insulation, design and building materials are just some of the factors considered when a house is Energy Rated. All Berstan homes have a minimum rating of 6 stars.

Solar panels – are a standard feature in all Berstan homes providing cost effective electricity generation from the sun, saving not only the home owners hard earned cash but helping the environment as well.  

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