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Investment Opportunities

Ever thought of buying a display home for investment?

Display homes are the centre piece for builders and as such are at the top of the quality ladder.


Landscaping is usually an added cost to the home owner and depending on what you want, the size of your yard and what you install it can add up to plenty of money. In a display home the landscaping is generous and well thought out, landscaping has for a while been the newest area to spend money and create another living space that is comforting and functional. Water features, rock features, meandering pathways, mature plants and shaded areas all add to the feel of establishment and give the home owner another area the relax and enjoy the outdoors right at home.


With Berstan display homes the best of all appliances are installed with a view to both functionality and style. Modern stainless steel cook-tops and ovens are very much the trend at this time and are both great to use, easy to clean and look stunning.

Appointment Only Please

All Berstan display homes are by appointment only and due to this they are like new when they are returned to their owner at the end of the lease period. Many builders have their display homes ‘open’ to the public for 5 days a week and as such there is little supervision, they have plenty of kids running through them, dirty shoes on the carpet and little regard or respect for the display home. At Berstan we understand that the display home is actually going to be where one of our clients lives and for this reason we treat every display home as our own home.


Berstan will ensure that a thorough clean by professionals is undertaken prior to the client taking back possession of their home. Carpets steam cleaned, walls wiped down, garden maintained and any defects rectified. At the end of the lease period you get a new, completed home with a period of capital gains already attached.

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