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Our Process

The Sales Process

Building a new home can be a complicated and stressful process with many details, choices and decisions to be considered. Berstan simplify this through professional sales personnel who are highly trained in our building processes, feature and fixture selections and equipped with today's most preferred upgrade offerings. This ensures we can work closely with you to pick the design that best satisfies your needs and personalize it in a way that is perfect for you.

The Pre-Constract Stage

Once you have selected your floor plan and have signed the required pre-contract agreement, things start moving very quickly. If the land has titled, drawings are finalized for your review with emphasis on electrical designations, kitchen layouts, interior wall placements, and direct alterations to the established floor plan. When these details are finalized the signing of your Domestic Building Contract can be scheduled. During this meeting you can discuss any items which you are unsure of so as to ensure you are comfortable and confident with the home you created.

After this meeting your plans are distributed to the Building Surveyor / Authorities for the required permits. While waiting on engineering and permit approvals all exterior and interior selections will have been completed and formalized.

The Construction Stage

This is where we really shine, with permits in place, Berstan Homes move into construction phase and utilises the decades of experience in both commercial and domestic building. At any time if you are curious as to the progress of your new homes feel free to request a site visit to personally visit your new home whilst under construction, this is after all, your new home. Due to the dangerous nature of building sites (and state regulations) Berstan will however have to be on-site for this site visit. Below is a very brief overview of the building process.

  • The site is identified by referring to your surveyors marks and cross referencing them to the title and site drawings which were prepared for the planning and/or building permit.
  • The site is de-grassed and the location for the exact position for your new home is marked out.
  • Next the services are put under the ground and connected to the various points for water, sewer and (if available) gas.
  • Concrete is next, once concrete foundations/slabs are poured and backfilled, the framing of your home begins and the construction looks undeniably like your new home. The spaces can be seen and felt, and the position of all of the rooms and overall aspect of the house is clear.
  • Once framed, inspected and approved, your roof is installed and suddenly a dry area is created.
  • The Mechanical and Electrical rough-in is then completed whilst at the same time the bricks are being laid externally.
  • Linings are then installed and your home suddenly has internal spaces. 
  • At this point a meeting can be scheduled to review your new homes’ progress and you can walk through your site (with a berstan representative) to show you that you are very close to having a shiny new home
  • The finishes are now our focus and Berstan will ensure that the standards are kept high through the extensive use of our finishes checklist. Upon completion of linings your home enters the final finishing stage and a reasonably accurate possession date can be provided. Prior to this point it is difficult to provide a possession date as too many external variables beyond the builder's control are present.
  • The next phase sees your home transformed from a diamond in the rough to a polished gem. Finishing, painting, cabinet and flooring installations along with the mechanical finals bring visual changes to your home that are both spectacular and personally rewarding. It is exciting to see your home evolve during this phase.
  • Shortly before your occupancy date you will need to meet with our construction professionals to conduct a pre-possession walk through. This is not your possession date, but rather a time to review your home and assist us in fine tuning it before you actually move in. This meeting is useful in identifying any areas of your new home that may require some attention prior to you taking possession. A list will be made and signed and you will be given a copy for your records.
  • Berstan will then rectify all defects (if any) and ensure the readiness of your new home. This ensures every detail can be delivered to your satisfaction and again makes your home building process easy!

The Warranty Stage

A house is not a static fixture and for this reason modern houses are built to withstand mild to moderate movement. With moisture variables and the ever changing Melbourne weather it is expected that your new home may have some movement. After possession Berstan will always be contactable for advice on any maintenance issue and if required we can schedule a review meeting to discuss service issues that have developed during your first months in your new home.

To expedite this step you should document any issues and forward them to Berstan prior to this meeting so that if repairs are necessary they can be evaluated and scheduled at the earliest date possible after the scheduled meeting.

The Happiness Stage

Berstan Homes is committed to building a new home that satisfies your lifestyle goals and design desires whilst easing you through a rewarding building experience.

Your new home is a lifetime achievement that promotes the health and happiness of your family for generations and we will be proud to be involved in such an important decision.

We look forward to working with you or friends and family you refer to us in the future. Now from the Management and staff at Berstan Homes, enjoy life and much happiness in the future, choose your builder well, chose Berstan Homes.


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