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Design Checklist

At Berstan Homes we know that families are different and so are the requirements in a home. Your living space is where you live and with Berstan it will be where you want to live. Even if you are working within a tight budget, it doesn't pay to cut corners on design.

We’ll guide you through the process and help you avoid costly mistakes to make sure the home we build for you suits the way you live.

The checklist:

  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • Do you want the bedrooms separated with your master suite at the opposite end from the secondary bedrooms?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do your children have any special needs?
  • Consider your daily routine and look for spaces that will help keep your life more organized. And an area easy to navigate for your needs
  • Where does your family spend the most time?
  • How important is a formal dining room?
  • How much entertaining does your family do?
  • Is your bedroom a place to sleep or your own private get-away?
  • Do you work out of your home and need an office?

At Berstan Homes we know that changes half way through the project can cost a considerable amount of money, so we make sure we ask the questions before we start building.

Some of the questions are:

  • Does the home computer need to be in a location where children can be supervised?
  • Is it an up-size house for you and your kids or is it a down sizing home?
  • How do you want to handle the informal eating?
  • Will there be a handicapped person who might be living with you at some point?
  • How do you spend your time in the evenings?
  • Is there a gourmet cook in the family?
  • How often do you use the dining room and do you have a special-sized dining table?
  • Where do the kids play—in their bedrooms or do you want a big backyard or rumpus room?

These are only a sample of lifestyle questions we’ll answer with you. After answering these important questions it is then a matter of designing the home that suits you and determining how your home is going to look.

Once we have a clear idea of facade, layout and size, we’ll have a 'road map' of how to develop the home of your dreams. Of course we’ll keep your budget requirements in mind. Budget relates not only the size of the home but also what you want to put in it — features such as carpets, appliances, lighting fixtures and cabinets.

Balance is the key

Balance between how something looks and how well it works and lives. We’ll help you develop a plan that is designed to meet your family's lifestyle and life-stage needs, and we'll tweak it to perfection.

Choosing a Berstan Homes design then fine tuning it to you may sound like a challenging task, but once you determine what is essential, narrowing down the possibilities can become a feasible, enjoyable experience.

Berstan Homes can make this happen for you.

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