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Why Berstan

Experience you can Trust!
That’s what you get when buying a Berstan Home.

With so many builders in the market place it is important to choose the right one. For the vast majority of people the family home is the biggest and most important asset of their lives. Luckily, Berstan Homes is just a phone call away.

30 Years In The Area

Berstan has been in the North Eastern suburbs for 30 years, not just building in the area but living there. During this time the beginnings of the northern growth corridor have become apparent. What were farms and horse paddocks are now busy housing estates with shopping centres, new roads, community centres, lakes and sprawling parklands.

Did You Know?

Many builders are affiliated with the developers of these new housing estates, some builders are in fact owned by the developer of the new housing estate. Berstan has no affiliation and therefore no conflict of interest as to where you live and which block of land you buy. Our only interest is that you live where best suited to you and your family.

We know the best estates, we know where the best shopping centres are going, where the services are and the best parks for the kids. Berstan can point you in the best direction and even help you secure a site for your new home. This intimate knowledge of the area saves you hours on the phone and days of driving around looking for where you want to live. Berstan is in touch with land agents on a weekly basis and organise land sales regularly, this gives you a chance to save both time and money on your land purchase.

The Team

The construction team that manages the building of your home has many years of experience and comes from a family of Builders. This consistency of experience ensures that your building process will be smoother because it’s supervised by people who have an understanding of the industry and the family’s shared commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Difference

Throughout the process, you will work with a company director for all your needs, not sales person, not an employed site supervisor but one of the owners of the company. Mark and Paul will answer all of your questions, guide you through the building process and offer assistance when needed during your selections. We are available to listen to your concerns and help you make the best decisions for your new home.

Relax With Berstan Homes

Want to build but are afraid your builder can’t keep up? Think again. Our employees, trade contractors and company owners will tell you that Berstan Homes is different for several reasons. Sure we build beautiful homes but it is how we build them and how we service our customer that is what sets us apart.

Our certified craftsmen and trade partners are put through a rigorous selection process before they are hired. We trust them with your home so we do not hire them based simply on the lowest price but on the quality and service they provide.

We’re Right There with You at the End

A pre-walk and homeowner orientation takes place approximately two weeks prior to completion. At this time our home buyers will walk through their home with a Berstan representative and learn about all the features of their new home. It is also a great opportunity to work with a Berstan representative and document any minor adjustments that may need to be made.

This two week lead time gives our contractors an opportunity to try and complete these items prior to occupancy allowing our homebuyers to begin enjoying their Berstan Home immediately.

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