Knock Down Rebuild Process -

Knock Down Rebuild Process

The best way to capitalize on your land and reap the benefits. By utilizing your existing land and building several new homes is an ideal way of making money. Thinking of retirement or investment, sell the new homes or rent them out for a passive income. 

It's simple with the right team!

A knock down rebuild is a relatively simple process if you engage the right building company for the project. The company you require for this process is not only a builder but a team consisting of designers, engineers, planners, geo-technical consultants, drafting services and surveyors.

Berstan Homes offer the complete package with a team of consultants that will make the whole knock down rebuild experience as effortless as possible for our clients.

From our initial consultation through the whole process Berstan will be there to ensure your knock down rebuild will run smoothly without any problems. A large component of the Berstan Homes experience is the personal approach to your knock down rebuild by having the same consultant from start to finish of your project.

Is my home suited for a knock down rebuild?

Many inner Melbourne older homes lend themselves to a knock down rebuild due to their age, size of land and location. Demand for these properties is high and marketing is relatively easy due to many factors.

  • The purchaser has a builders warranty on their new home.
  • Everything in the new home is new and fresh.
  • Latest design.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Energy saving in comparison to an older existing home.
  • Stamp duty savings.
  • Inner Melbourne location.
  • Existing infrastructure.
  • Potential savings on travel times.
  • Low maintenance due to all being new.

Berstan Homes can also assist with the marketing of these types of properties, using a team of marketing consultant’s specialising in off the plan property sales.

Home selection is easy

Choosing a design for your knock down rebuild is an easy process with many well designed homes available in our home selection section. Otherwise if your dream home isn't found in our home designs we can custom design any style or size of home you like. The beauty of having a custom design is being able to have exactly what your family needs and a lot of what you want.

Popular choices

A very common feature in our new home design is the addition of a home office with many more of our clients now working from home. The design of the home office needs to be functional and blend in with the style of the home. At Berstan Homes we try to incorporate the home office with an exterior garden area for balance, interest and peace of mind. Storage is another area of design we focus on with nearly all of our clients requesting more rather than less.

We can help you do the maths

Another significant reason for a knock down rebuild compared with moving and purchasing an existing home are the stamp duty savings. Because you already own the home and land were the proposed knock down rebuild is intended there is no stamp duty to pay. A quick calculation of the stamp duty payable on an existing property purchased for $800k your stamp duty fee would $44k+. This saving would be enough to pay for the pre-contract works for your knock down rebuild which incorporates surveys, sub-division, council fees, design, working drawings, soil testing, engineering, town planning application, the demolition of your old home and you would in most cases still have change.

How long is all this going to take?

Timing for a knock down rebuild from our first consultation usually takes around 6 to 12 months. Having said this there are some sites that will take longer for council approval due to their complexity. A knock down rebuild involving a single new home and not a multiple build will be easier to achieve approval. Construction timing for a single storey home would be around 6 months and 8 months for a double storey home.

How to start a knock down rebuild?

Drop us an email or call for an appointment with a Berstan Homes consultant. The consultant will visit you to discuss the possibilities of a knock down rebuild on your property. What your ideas are if a single new home or a multiple of new homes are achievable. Many of our clients contract Berstan Homes to build a single new larger home on their existing site incorporating the many design features available when custom building from scratch.

Berstan Homes guarantee that our personalized service from start to finish is second to none. 


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