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New Home Builder Melbourne

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Choosing the right new home builder for you can be a difficult process for many clients. I have compiled the following check list: Cheapest price will get you the cheapest build with probable costly hidden extras. Are there any disputes with this builder in VCAT? Are they a DB-U Licensed Builder registration? How long have they been in business? Are you able to see a similar home on display? How many homes do they build a year? Do you get
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New home builder

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Buying a home and land package can seem a little daunting and that is why you need a builder with a steady and confident approach to guide you along the way. Our process at Berstan homes starts with helping you work out your budget and financing requirements using one of our financial experts. Once the budget is realised for your home and land package we then assist you choose one of our homes and any customisation to the home as
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Best Homes Australia Astoria43 Review

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Excitingly, Berstan homes screened on The TV show Australia's Best Houses on 7two in early June, featuring our Astoria43. This episode show cases our design difference and workmanship that set Berstan Homes apart from the rest. Berstan Homes are currently building several Astoria's in Glen Waverley, Blackburn, Wollert and Eltham with all being customised to suit our client's wishes. The Astoria 43 is just one in the Astoria range by Berstan Homes that features homes from 28sq to 54sq. It’s
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Home Builder 1

Monday, June 27, 2016
Keeping warm is not easy with the current arctic blast we have experienced in Melbourne over the last few days. If you own an older existing home it’s especially difficult with most not even having any insulation and extremely poor energy efficiency. Construction practises and energy rating requirements have certainly changed substantially over the years. The inclusion of high quality energy efficient building materials and installation methods are saving new home owners significant energy costs.  The inclusion of double glazing is a
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Wipe thousands from your mortgage!

Thursday, June 23, 2016
Had enough of paying too much for your mortgage? It’s now time to do something about it! Berstan Homes use a select group of mortgage brokers that are focused on reducing the amount our customers pay. Our specialist brokers are able to save most of our clients and existing home owners heaps of money. Some existing home owners have been saved over 1% off their current home loan interest rate. By saving 1% off an average home loan of $400k
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Designing your home

Thursday, June 23, 2016
I cannot believe how many clients have been coming to me lately complaining about poor service provided by some volume builders. Common complaints have been about the lack of service from sales staff and their lack of knowledge about building construction.  To give an example I was talking with a couple today and the sales consultant working for the builder they were interested in building with didn't know what to do with a Lot with a 2 metre fall. The above lack
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Globe West

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Berstan Homes have been using many items from Globe West in their displays lately and feel everyone should know this brand.  Globe West are going to be at the Décor + Design Melbourne Expo 21-24 July 2016 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and this is a great opportunity to view their amazing products.
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Berstan Homes Astoria50

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Berstan Homes magnificent Astoria50 is well under way in Stockland’s Eucalypt Estate in Wollert. This Astoria50 has been custom designed to suit our clients specifications with a formal dining and lounge located at the front entry of the home. A grand staircase has also been added and really sets this home apart from others in the market place today.
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Berstan Homes and Stockland

Monday, June 20, 2016
Berstan Homes and Stockland one of our developer partners are currently selling streets at a time in the Eucalypt Estate. In one Street we are building eight homes in a row in the Eucalypt Estate with all pre-sold with completion in 12 weeks time. Berstan Homes find by building so many homes in a row we can keep prices down for our clients and are still able to produce a quality home that our clients expect from Berstan Homes.
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Fire Pits

Friday, June 17, 2016
Its cold outside and the perfect time to be enjoying a fire pit. Fire pits are readily available at any good garden supply centre and you can expect to pay around $550. Standing around a fire pit with your children or a friend is a great way to enjoy each other’s company. A bag of marshmallows are always good!
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Builder Bellfield

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Over the weekend I met up with some ladies looking around for building ideas for their development in Bellfield. When we started discussing the project their concerns were made very evident their chosen designers had not listened to their requests. I have often heard this happening and this practice seems very common with many of my clients that embark on doing their own planning works outside my company. On discussing their project further I discovered that they were not even
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Builder Glen Waverley

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
We have just completed the demolition works at one of our knock down rebuilds in Glen Waverley and this site had an interesting problem. This particular site had a covenant condition on its title only allowing a single dwelling to be constructed luckily our clients were happy to build one home. Always when looking for land to develop have a keen eye for covenants on titles because if discovered after you purchase the property it's too late. Applying to change
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Best Homes Australia success

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
On Friday night Berstan Homes were featured on Best Homes Australia and for those who viewed the programme thank you. The featured home was the Astoria43 a stunning 5 bedroom home with all the extras you would expect from a high end home design.  Custom designing homes within our Astoria range are proving to be very popular at the moment and since the airing of the programme enquiry has certainly grown.
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Matt Blatt Richmond

Friday, June 10, 2016
Over the weekend we were looking for a few display home items and we came across Matt Blatt in Richmond and what an amazing variety in store. The Matt Blatt store had everything we were looking for offering quirky and modern pieces with a realistic price point. We managed to find some perfect cushions and various knick-knacks to finish off our new display homes.
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Struggling to save money

Thursday, June 09, 2016
Most of us like saving money and when it comes to buying appliances, I would recommend a visit to Fowles auction group. Fowles Auction group have regular weekly auctions with bargain prices that can save you a small fortune! Just recently the group has started selling second hand display furniture another way to save.
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Interest rates on hold again

Wednesday, June 08, 2016
Yes that's right interest rates are on hold again so what are you waiting for it's time to buy an investment property! Berstan Homes have a selection of investment property packages at the moment with price ranges between $340k to $700k. Berstan Homes select the land for our investment packages with a strong precedence on security and capital growth. We are also able to manage your investment property for you, our professional agent partners are the best in the business.
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Out smarting the thieves

Tuesday, June 07, 2016
With a never ending amount of thieving being carried out in new builds Berstan Homes have for some time been installing appliances on the day of handover. We are strongly advising our clients to install alarm systems for the security of their properties. A standard alarm system installed in our homes is around $1200, a small cost I feel for peace of mind and security.
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Australia's Best Houses 7two

Monday, June 06, 2016
Excitingly, Berstan homes will be screened on The TV show Australia's Best Houses on 7two this Friday at 10.30pm EST, and the home being featured is our Astoria43. This episode allows us to show case our design difference and workmanship that set Berstan Homes apart from the rest. Berstan Homes are currently building several Astoria's in Glen Waverley, Blackburn, Wollert and Eltham with all being customized to suit our client's wishes. Our Astoria range are the perfect home for the
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Property Investment

Friday, June 03, 2016
Berstan Homes are currently experiencing a large volume of clients looking for investment properties. Mernda Villages and Aurora at Wollert are proving to be favourites. Investing in property at the moment with interest rates being at a history making low level is certainly helping our clients make the property investment decision easy.
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Glass Splashbacks

Thursday, June 02, 2016
Some of our clients lately have been asking for glass splashbacks in their laundries and I must admit they look very impressive. We have installed glass splash backs at a couple of our new displays with plenty of interest from our new home buying clients.
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Builder Bentleigh

Wednesday, June 01, 2016
Berstan Homes are currently about to start another dual occupancy in Bentleigh. Berstan Homes are finding Bentleigh to be a very popular area for knock down rebuilds and dual occupancies are certainly the flavour of the time. Most clients are selling one of the homes and retaining the other for themselves and considering the age of the houses in the Bentleigh it is little wonder our clients choose the knock down new build option. By doing a knock down new build it
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What's the best underlay

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
At Berstan Homes we use Dunlop underlay on all of our projects and find it to be a superior product to most on the market. Our suppliers and installers Carpet Call install the Dunlop underlay on all of homes with great results. Having the best underlay makes a substantial difference to all carpets.
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Knock down new build Templestowe

Monday, May 30, 2016
After finishing one of our resent knock down rebuilds in Templestowe there were several key areas of interest in this home. One stand out feature was the Eric Jones staircase constructed from solid Australian hardwood with handmade iron balustrading curved to create interest. Call Berstan Homes today to see what features we can design into your new home.
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Knock down rebuild Bentleigh

Friday, May 27, 2016
Berstan Homes are currently quoting plenty of knock down rebuilds in the Bentleigh area. Bentleigh’s ageing houses are a maintenance nightmare and with the cost of doing a knockdown rebuild being more cost effective than renovating it’s the smart choice. A knock down rebuild is the only real way to achieve the design and style home you require. Bentleigh’s location and easy access to the CBD is a massive draw card for this lovely suburb. Berstan Homes offer a complete
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Custom home builder Bentleigh

Thursday, May 26, 2016
Custom home builder Berstan Homes are a family owned and operated building company specializing in custom home building and knock down rebuilds in Bentleigh. Everybody is different especially when it comes to their homes design and style. With so many lifestyle and family needs it makes sense to use a custom home builder to achieve your dream home design. Berstan Home offer a design, drafting service, engineering and building solution that will make your dream home come true.
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Bedrooms how many do I need

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
This is a very popular question and a worthy one of plenty of thought. Most homes have 3 or 4 bedrooms, however we have been finding lately some of our clients requesting on our double story designs to have four bedrooms up on the first floor with a fifth bedroom located on the ground floor. The fifth bedroom is a very handy addition to any home and being on the ground floor is a real bonus for those older visitors
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Custom home builder Melbourne

Monday, May 23, 2016
Berstan Homes has been surprised lately at how many clients are asking for double showers to the master bedrooms. One of the many advantages to having a custom home built is you can have the home designed the way you want it and not somebody else. Extra size breakfast bars are also proving to be large ticket item this year. The old favourite by far is still storage form extra cupboards to extended garage spaces creating larger storage areas.
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Hawthorn star Jarryd Roughead

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
All the team at Berstan Homes would like to take this opportunity to wish Jarryd a speedy recovery from the recent news of the melanoma recurrence. Our best wishes are with you Jarryd for your journey ahead.
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Buyers beware

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
The great autumn weather certainly bought the buyers out over the weekend we had plenty of couples visit our display village with strong interest in all categories of homes. We had several potential clients interested in our Astoria43 for knock down rebuild projects in Doncaster, Mitcham and Canterbury. On both days we also had couples showing plenty of interest in our Stockton26 for knock down rebuilds as well. What really caught my attention and very concerning were some investor’s comments
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Interest rates

Monday, May 16, 2016
Don't fix your interest rates till later in the year the big four are all saying the reserve bank will cut rates even lower. Interest rates are currently at historical lows and with the future predictions that interest rates will drop even further spells opportunity for investors. An investment in bricks and mortar is now within reach of many new home buyers and home owners looking for an investment property. Berstan Homes have homes with land starting at $321k. Investment
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