Home Builder 4

Mark Bryson - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Buying a home and land package is one of the only ways to enter the property market for the first home buyer to be able to receive the first home owners grant. Buying a vacant piece of land is just part of the excitement with the process and watching your dream home being built is an amazing experience. The best advantage to buying a home and land package with Berstan Home is we check the land for potential issues.

A client came to me last month very keen on purchasing a lot in Epping with grand ideas of building his dream home on this lot. According to the land sales consultant the land was all good! The land was certainly in a great location, one problem I discovered the land was used as a dam. If this lot would have been purchased, my client would need to pay some high site costs all created by the filling in of the old dam.

Always have your registered new home builder not a sales consultant take a good look at your land before you buy it!