New Home Builder Melbourne

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Choosing the right new home builder for you can be a difficult process for many clients.

I have compiled the following check list:

  • Cheapest price will get you the cheapest build with probable costly hidden extras.

  • Are there any disputes with this builder in VCAT?

  • Are they a DB-U Licensed Builder registration?

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Are you able to see a similar home on display?

  • How many homes do they build a year?

  • Do you get to meet the actual builder?

  • A good builder takes away a lot of the potential for frustration and can turn your dream home experience into a pleasant one.

I’ve had plenty of clients over the years where people have told me some terrible stories about dodgy builders, who skip corners, shirk responsibility and are generally a pain to deal with. Remember, building a new home is a huge financial and emotional investment. Please take the extra time to do a thorough check on any prospective builder, their workmanship, and credentials.