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Mark Bryson - Monday, June 27, 2016

Keeping warm is not easy with the current arctic blast we have experienced in Melbourne over the last few days. If you own an older existing home it’s especially difficult with most not even having any insulation and extremely poor energy efficiency.

Construction practises and energy rating requirements have certainly changed substantially over the years. The inclusion of high quality energy efficient building materials and installation methods are saving new home owners significant energy costs. 

The inclusion of double glazing is a favourite with many of our clients lately and the costs are not as high as most would think the cost of the double glazing to a standard 18s/q home is around $4,500. Double glazing is an example of an inclusion you can have in your new home with two uses one being energy efficiency and also a terrific way of sound reduction. Double glazing of your new home is a must have if you are near a main Road.