Wipe thousands from your mortgage!

Mark Bryson - Thursday, June 23, 2016

Had enough of paying too much for your mortgage? It’s now time to do something about it!

Berstan Homes use a select group of mortgage brokers that are focused on reducing the amount our customers pay. Our specialist brokers are able to save most of our clients and existing home owners heaps of money.

Some existing home owners have been saved over 1% off their current home loan interest rate. By saving 1% off an average home loan of $400k you would be saving around $4000 per year and over a 20 years this would equate to a saving of over $70k.

Many existing home loan holders become a little complacent about their home loans and don’t realise the savings that can be achieved. Why pay more than you need to?

Contact Berstan Homes today and let us put you in touch with our selected home loan broker team. It’s a free service and it could save you thousands!