New home buyer traps

New home builder or not

Thursday, June 05, 2014
Marketing companies are popping up everywhere and who are you buying your home from? a builder or a marketing company. There are many positives in dealing directly with your builder rather than a third party. By dealing directly with your builder you will be able to use his or her knowledge to your advantage with regards to design, location and your buildings functionality. By dealing with a marketing sales agent they have little or no building experience and untimely can
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Investors beware

Monday, June 10, 2013
Many interstate investors are being caught up in buying home and land packages in new Victoria suburbs at inflated prices, with the promise of high rental returns that are just not eventuating leaving them in hot financial water. A couple of Melbourne based property development and builder affiliated companies are currently involved in this practice. The companies are currently evolved in deliberately inflating there land prices (so there values stack up) with the use of behind the scenes builders rebates
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