Organised crime on building sites

Mark Bryson - Monday, July 21, 2014
In the past 6 months we have experienced an escalation in theft from our projects.

Listed thefts across all our projects:

  • Air conditioning units that were already installed
  • Hot water system already installed
  • Solar panels mounted on the roof
  • Solid timber feature door already hung
  • Doors 2 hours after delivery
  • Aluminium sliding doors already installed
  • Steel lintels
  • Bags of cement and lime
  • 2 x pallets of bricks
  • House lot of tiles
  • Door frames already installed
  • Aluminium windows
  • Pack of skirting
  • Cavity sliding door frame already installed
  • Vanity units
  • Kitchen cupboard doors
  • Kitchen cupboard shelving
  • Kitchen door handles
  • Timber frames
  • Pack of timber
We have had all the above items stolen in the last 6 months of trade at Berstan Homes and due to the size of the items cost very little is worth claiming on insurance. These costs are born by my company and I am sick to death of it, why should thieves get away with their practice. 

The local police are always called and the members say without the help of the public they are powerless to do anything about the matter. Members of the police force openly admit the thefts are not just one off's, the offences are being committed by organised crime gangs. 

One the weekend of the air conditioning unites being stolen, a member of the police force stated that there were 15 other units stolen that same weekend. These units cannot be installed without a plumber being involved at the point of installation. This would have me believe that organised crime gangs are selling the stolen goods to plumbers for installation in homes. If these units are being installed, there would be no warranty provided and the new home owner will be the loser not the shonky plumber and the crime gangs.

I strongly recommend if you see anything untoward happened on building sites late at night or early morning, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Or if you are not comfortable with ringing Crime Stoppers, call the builder, their contact details are on the signage at the front of the site and let's together break these crime gangs business model.