Major builder problems

Mark Bryson - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Speaking to a client of mine the other day and they have a friend that built with a major Perth based building company. I was amazed to hear the home was built and the builder refused to do the driveway and alfresco concreting works. 

The builder's representative stated that the building company only do driveway and alfresco concreting works on their display homes. So the owner was left to find and organise their own concreting contractors to complete their home. 

What a mess that company is leaving their clients in with all that work. I have done a little investigating of my own and found this is a common practice with the larger home building companies. The reasons behind these works not being undertaken are not clear. 

I can only make an assumption that they are not willing to do these works due to time constraints on the build. 

So there is a question that should be asked of your builder.