Tips for building a new home

Bamboo pricing for new homes

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
The cost of bamboo flooring is very similar to the cost of tiling with a quality floor tile. The benefits of bamboo in lieu of tiled floors are many.  Bamboo is sustainable, warmer than tiles and very attractive offering over a dozen different colours. 
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Balcony design

Thursday, January 08, 2015
Many home designs fail to allow enough size to their balcony area rendering the area near unusable. A good size balcony can not only be a great useful living space but a great asset to your home. Positioning of the balcony is paramount to its usage and I like to design our homes with the balcony facing the North which allows the area to catch both morning and evening sun. .
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New home builder wall fail

Monday, January 05, 2015
New home builder wall fail. A client came in last week with a problem and with photos showing a failed retaining wall. I was asked by the client to inspect the wall and I found the builder had not installed any drain behind the wall. Another issue was the lack of crushed rock behind the wall and just earth was behind the wall. These two items are essential for the construction of a successful retaining wall. The crushed rock is
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