Watch out when buying your own land!

- Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I hope this email find you well, what fantastic weather for father’s day over the weekend and family gatherings.

With the change of government expected over the following weekend and extremely low interest rates we are experiencing strong inquiries.
Strong sales results where shown over the weekend, experienced by most agents and consultants, showing many buyers are aware that now is the perfect time to build a new home.
Most clients are now choosing to lock in interest rates and opting for 5 years fixed.
The packages I have sent out over the last couple of weeks are nearly all sold, so if you require update packages, contact me via email or call with your new wish list.
There are several new land releases expected in the new year so we should be able to get that perfect site for your new home.
We have over the last couple months experienced some clients buying their own land and wanting us to build on their lots, just to find out that the land they bought was full of fill and the cost in one case was an extra $20,000 in foundation works.
This can put unwelcomed stress on the whole experience and in some cases clients are not able to build due to lack of funds.
So when buying land be very careful because filled land can be a very expensive lesson.
Well enough of business just look at that lovely sunshine, and I hope you can get out to enjoy it.

Regards Mark Bryson