The Berstan difference in wet areas

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Did you know waterproofing wet areas is one of the largest problems home builders face and can be the single most common area for problems down the track.

How do Berstan Homes over come this?

Simply by constructing wet areas properly the first time, avoiding issues and expensive problems for the owner in years to come.

We have a process that uses a combination of Mapei products, waterproofing, adhesive and epoxy grout. The Mapei epoxy grout has many standout features its 100% waterproof, has built in anti-mould and comes in a wide range of different colours. Another great feature of the grout is the chemical resistant characteristics, this is the first line of defence to stop moisture getting behind tiles.

Yes, this method is a little more expensive, however the cost is long forgotten with the piece of mind that the waterproofing has been done properly and all wet areas will have zero leakages in years to come.