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Berstan homes are offering house and land packages in Eucalypt Wollert. Eucalypt estate is an outstanding estate which has history dating back to the last century with some of the existing building still standing and will some be converted to cafes and restaurants catering the old world charm of Wollert.

Berstan Homes has selected Eucalypt Estate as a premier estate in the Wollert area to purchase a home and land package due to the conveniences that Eucalypt Estate is able to offer with walking tracks, BBQ areas, extensive parklands and a brillant scenic outlook. Berstan Homes would strongly recommend this Estate for the purchase of a Berstan House and land package.

Eucalypt Estate has a total area of some 117 hectares of which 30 hectares has been put aside for parks and gardens. The bike tracks are being well used by all ages aswell as the café where the coffee is just perfect with friends and family. Plenty of activity is going on along the Findon Creek waterways with many children finding out where frogs come from.

The location of the estate is hard to beat with so many services with just a quick drive to Epping which has Epping plaza consisting of major retail out lets such as Kmart, Coles, Woolworths, cinemas, banks and some four hundred shops. Next door to the Epping plaza is the Northern hospital the largest hospital in the Northern region. Just down Cooper Street a little from the hospital is the Victorian fruit, flower and vegetable market which is where the current Footscray market will be moving too creating hundreds of new jobs in the area. The Epping metropolitan railway station is modern and able move large numbers of passengers to the city and beyond in comfort and safety.

With all this amenity in the Epping city township so close to Eucalypt Estate makes the estate a perfect choice for families to call home.

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