Knockdown versus Renovating

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Renovating a home seems to be a more cost effective way of upgrading the home but there are so many traps.
Financially a renovation in nearly all cases runs over budget because there are so many things that can go wrong.
It is practically impossible for any builder to give a fix price on an renovation due to the unknown, what's behind that wall, what are the foundations like, what is the roof structure like, what's the condition of the electricals, what about the plumbing these are just a few of the numerous issues faced by the builder and home owner when considering a renovation.
Another major consideration to take into account is the making good of the old to new and will you be able to design the home you really want with the probable size restrictions of the old home?
Knock down rebuilds in comparison are cost effective because you can start a fresh with a blank canvas and really the only way to achieve exactly what you want with regards to design.
Builders quoting knock down rebuilds can easily come to a fixed figure simply because there are few unknowns to take into account.
Foundations are one of the only unknown factors and with a soil test the builder can in most cases work out what's required by the engineer.
Berstan Homes offer a full team of professional knock down rebuild experts for projects across Melbourne.