​ Knockdown rebuild specialist.

Mark Bryson - Monday, August 06, 2018

Over the years I have heard and answered thousands of questions regarding knockdown rebuilds in Melbourne. I have compiled some of the common questions asked for anyone contemplating doing a knockdown rebuild.

What the first step is? A feature survey and soil test is a great start because this will give the builder and designer a great in site into your lands fall (slope) and soil type for structural engineering purposes.

What would it cost? It would depend on the size and style of the home or homes if you intend to build two homes on the land. An average cost of $15k per builders square for a single double storey home and the cost for two homes around $17k.

How long would it take? This depends if you require a planning permit for the stand alone home. If you have no overlays you will more than likely not require a planning permit. However with two homes being built on the land you will require a planning permit. The time for a planning permit ranges from 3-12 months depending on council timelines.

How much would a council planning permit cost? The permit fee would be around $1500 dollars.

How do I get a planning permit? Firstly you need to decide if you are going to use a planning company or go to a builder that has all these services and specialists available. There are more advantages going with a builder directly because they will be able through their experience gauge the project costs. By using the services of a planning company most have little knowledge with regards to costings. By not being able to estimate a reliable cost through its design and planning stages can have a serious effect on projects viability. If you choose a builder with the in house specialist services required your project will have a better chance of coming to fruition.