Knock down rebuild traps

Mark Bryson - Friday, November 28, 2014

Many people feel they can save a small fortune doing all the pre building permit works themselves. First mistake they make is to choose a team of the cheapest service providers they can find. This is a practice that is fought with difficulties and in the long run very expensive. 

Let me explain why by choosing the cheapest consultants you are getting what you pay for, in most cases poor advice and plans with very limited detail. The cheapest consultants often have limited experience and their advice ultimately cost you a lot of time and financial loss. 

We have seen many cases of this practice and ultimately the clients have been involved in VCAT with months of lost time and money just because of poor advice. Nearly all cases could avoid VCAT with the correct planning and advice saving clients money and time. 

At Berstan Homes we use our specialist knock down rebuild team made up of a group of hand picked consultants with experience and professionalism second to none. 

The Berstan Homes knock down rebuild team will save you from having costly mistakes and we will insure you will have an outstanding finished result.