Buying a knock down rebuild site

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What to look for when buying a knock down rebuild site and costs:

  • The construction of two double storey homes around 25 square each
  • The cost of the two homes would be around $650 to $700k including subdivision, surveying, design, demolition, planning, engineering, soil testing and all fees from start to finish. 
  • Some areas you could be looking at are Doncaster, Blackburn, Vermont, Donvale, Ringwood and Reservoir is also worth a look. 
  • Size of land would need to be a minimum 750m/2 plus.
  • Don't buy anything with a slope, it will cost extra in build costs.
  • Don't buy anything with power lines out the front
  • Corner lots are good because of a dual entrance saving space with driveways
  • Look for other developments in that area as they can be used as precedents with any objections.
  • Heavy tree Lots can be major concern with the council likely not to allow removal of the trees. 
  • In the years to come, train stations and other public transport options will be a major advantage.

Happy buying.