What builder suits me

Mark Bryson - Thursday, August 17, 2017

That’s a very interesting question; there are so many builders in the market place. There’s the volume builders that you see on the TV most of the time and they seem to be everywhere through their mass advertising, there are custom builders who basically build any style home and various other builders that range from budget builds to high end home builders.

First question you need to ask yourself is what type of build do I want?

Do I want a custom designed and built home?

Do I want a set design from a volume builder?

Do I want a medium standard build?

Do I want a high quality finished home?

Once these questions are answered you can then select a particular group of builders.

Once a group has been chosen you can then start to work through them as to which one suits you.

Several questions that you will need to ask your chosen group of builders.

Will I be dealing with a salesperson?

Will I be dealing with a registered building partitioner?

Will I be able to get a fixed price for my home build?

How long has the building company been operating?

How long will the build take?

How many registered building partitioners has the company got?

Once you have the above answered you will be in a good position to choose your builder. Another point I would like to add is the build will take around 12 months so make sure you feel comfortable with the registered building practitioner and their communication process.