Custom new home builder

Mark Bryson - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What’s the difference between a custom-built home and a production or mass-produced home?

Plenty, according to Berstan Homes Managing Director, Mark Bryson.

“A custom-built home is a one-off statement of design which allows the client to have a unique build.”

Mass-produced house designs are becoming more and more popular as the housing shortage worsens and new subdivisions are developed by huge building companies.

Whole neighbourhoods are now looking like assembly lines with cookie cutter houses all in a row.

The appeal of a production home is to offer clients a medium-sized home for the cheapest price possible.

However, that leaves little option for changes in room configuration and finishing. Changes can be made, but each one costs the client extra and there is very little flexibility in changing the basic lay-out.

This is because the building companies need to get the houses up as quickly as possible, and to an exact formula that the suppliers and construction crew are familiar with.

A volume builder can construct hundreds or even thousands of homes a year, leaving little room for building relationships with their clients.

The large companies often advertise very low prices for a new home build. But if you want to put your own stamp on a house design, it can end up costing you a lot more than first anticipated.

Prospective clients should also check exactly what the advertised price includes. Driveways, garage doors and extra power points are often not included in the initial price. One client was even charged extra for the permit!

In complete contrast, a custom-built home is unique and one of a kind, designed from scratch.

A client can also choose a semi-custom home, using existing house plans that are altered to meet the client’s individual needs.

A custom house may cost a little more but the client can work with the builder to establish a budget and then stick to it. Finishings like appliances, taps, kitchen and bathroom materials can be chosen depending on the budget, so there will be no nasty surprises at the end.

Berstan Homes have a selection of existing plans which can be altered or clients can bring their own plans. All the client has to have is the land to build the house on.

The process for choosing a production home is systematic and rigid. The client visits a display home, chooses from a limited number of designs, works with the sales consultant until the build is underway and often never meets the actual builder. It is a very impersonal way to have a home built.

With Berstan Homes, you deal with just one person. Mark Bryson meets with the client for the initial consultation, provides the quote and keeps in touch throughout the entire building process. Once the home is finished, he walks through with the client, and provides after sales service and advice.

This makes for a much more personal involvement between the company and the client – it becomes a partnership.

Mark warns to beware of marketing companies who masquerade as builders. These sales people are good at hooking clients with slick advertising and cheap prices, but they are not builders and have little knowledge of the new home process. They commission individual builders to erect their houses, but after the marketers take their substantial fee, there is often little left for the builder. The margins are so low that reputable builders are refusing to work for them, leaving clients at the mercy of substandard operators.

To ensure you get exactly the home that suits your lifestyle, choose Berstan Homes for your new home build. You will get quality materials and workmanship as well as peace of mind from a family-run company of 30 years.