Builder Pascoe Vale

Mark Bryson - Sunday, February 21, 2016

The name Pascoe Vale resinated from the suburb being purchased, settled and named "Pascoeville" by John Pascoe Fawkner after Pascoville Farm, where he lived from 1842. With most homes in the Pascoe Vale area being well over the 70 year mark it leaves them with many problems. 

Just some of the problems are the energy ratings are extremely poor making them very expensive to heat and cool due to there being nothing to stop the energy leaving the home. Bad design is another large issue with these old homes and most owners are just making do with what they have. The biggest of all problems is the ongoing maintenance of these old homes and it is very much ongoing.
There are several easy solutions to these issues and that's to consider a knock down rebuild of a dual occupancy or building two dwellings on the same block of land.
How much will it all cost? In nearly all cases the cost of building the two homes is covered by the sale of one of the homes. Berstan Homes offers a complete service from start to finish you won't need to do a thing with council Berstan will do the lot for you.