Builder Forest Hill

Mark Bryson - Saturday, March 12, 2016

Forest Hill is said to derive from the name of a cottage owned by early settler Captain Bunbury and is descriptive of the district's original bushland setting. 

With most homes in Forest Hill approaching 60 years plus in age it means most home owners will have major problems arising, the main being the maintenance costs are excessive and ongoing. Another is the energy rating are poor to say the least and because the rating are so low just running these old homes would be costing a fortune. 

There are several ways of the home owners in Forest Hill to take advantage of the situation a knock down rebuild and the building of a dual occupancy or two homes on the same site. How much would this cost? In most cases the construction costs would be covered by the sale of one of the properties. Berstan Homes offers a complete service from planning through to construction, so give a Berstan Homes consultant today for more details.