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Mark Bryson - Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Choosing lighting for your new home can be a hit and miss process. What looks great in the lighting showroom may not suit your room once it’s installed. The size, colour or style may be all wrong, but it’s a mistake you will have to live with. Beacon Lighting has taken the guesswork out of your lighting purchases with an in-home consultation process, as well as an app which shows exactly how their lights will look in your home.Beacon Lighting has been making Australian homes brighter for 50 years, and they are still proudly locally owned. They now have 99 stores throughout Australia and is the leading lighting retailer in the country.

Bring the floor plans of your new home into any Beacon showroom, and you can have a free consultation about your lighting needs.

An in-home consultation costs $100, and is redeemable with any Beacon Lighting purchase of $100. A consultant will meet in your home, discuss ideas and offer information on trends and styles. They can suggest which lighting products best suit your home, as well as the placement of those lights. The consultant can also offer energy saving solutions.

A designer option is available for $250. A dedicated lighting designer will work with you using a unique Beacon software programme to make a customised lighting plan. The initial fee is redeemable when you spend $1000 on Beacon products.

According to Beacon Lighting, the latest trend in lighting for winter 2017 is the New Traditional.

These designs mix modern simplicity with old world elements. If you are bringing traditional furniture to your new home, new traditional lighting will complement them. It combines classic design with clean contemporary lines, bringing sophistication and elegance to your home.

The industrial look continues to be a popular trend in home décor. Lighting featuring metal, glass and timber works beautifully with the strong textures of exposed brick walls and concrete floors in this look.

The pale colours and simplistic shapes of Scandinavian design is represented in Beacon’s range, as well as mid-century and Hampton-inspired lighting.

The current monochromatic trends in kitchen and bathrooms are reflected in Beacon’s range of black pendants, spotlights, table and floor lamps.

Choosing lighting for your new home has never been easier, with the ability to choose and order online, with the Beacon app ensuring you have chosen correctly.

The app is downloadable from Beacon Lighting’s website and allows you to choose a product, take a photo of the room you want it for, and the app places the product within the room photo. Once you can see how it looks in the space, you can get a second opinion by sharing the design on social media or email before you click on your shopping cart to purchase.