Latest bathroom trends for new home builder Melbourne

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Bathrooms are transforming from rarely visited functional rooms to luxurious sanctuaries where lingering is encouraged. Natural colours and materials, mood lighting, dramatic design and greenery combine to create an atmosphere which alleviates stress and promotes relaxation.

Wall and floor tiling adds a luxury look and come in natural stone options like marble, quartzite, travertine and even cement.

Large format tiling, up to 1500 x 700 mm, is very popular this year and combined with expoxy grout, can reduce stains and mould.

On trend bathroom colours are mostly monochromatic, with black, charcoal, grey or greige walls dominating, accented with bright white fittings.

Dramatic dark walls can be paired with patterned tiled floors, with black and white Moroccan-themes fashionable.

Vinyl wallpaper, especially made for damp places, adds an exotic look and can mimic natural materials or make a bold patterned statement.

Round mirrors are the latest look, preferably framed in black or metal to match the latest tapware.

Matt black tapware in sleek modern lines makes a statement in a new bathroom. Metallic colours, such as brass, copper or rose gold, follow the trend of metallic accessories elsewhere in the home.

Rain shower heads offer a waterfall sensation and are still the most popular choice for a luxury bathroom.

Wall-hung vanities continue to be best sellers, offering a clean, modern look which is lighter than free-standing vanities and ideal for smaller bathrooms. Basins sitting on top of vanities, rather than inset, are becoming more common, and can be made of different material than the bench, such as natural wood, bamboo or stone.

While free-standing baths are all the rage, they take up lots of space and are difficult to fit into smaller bathrooms. The answer is the back to wall free-standing bath, which fits flush against the wall, eliminating the need to clean behind it.

Wall-hung toilet suites also give the impression of more space and provide a sleeker, modern look. Toilets are now even available in black to match walls, floors or tapware.

Lighting has changed from bright, practical downlights to moodier lighting which adds atmosphere, including strip lights under joinery and dimmable switches.

Bathroom speakers are becoming a trend this year, with wireless systems controllable by Bluetooth on your phone giving a true day spa experience in the comfort of your home.

One way to break up the monochromatic colour of the modern bathroom, and add some warmth, is by introducing house plants.

Large leaved tropical palms, narrow architectural plants such as mother-in-law’s tongue, or bushy ficus add greenery and contrast to bathrooms. Larger house plants can be placed on the floor in dark corners, feature on a vanity or shelf or hang over the bath. Make sure to choose a variety that enjoys damp, warm conditions. A bathroom is not the place for a cactus or succulent.