Custom builder using custom wardrobes

Mark Bryson - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Do you frequently lose shoes, clothes and even small children in your overfull and disorganised wardrobe? It doesn’t have to be a battle every time you open the wardrobe door. If you are considering building a new home, ask Berstan Homes about custom wardrobes at the planning stage. Berstan Homes prefers to work with Regency Screens who have a wide selection of options for custom wardrobes.

Custom wardrobes don’t have to only be walk-in to work. A regular double wardrobe that usually just has a rail with a shelf above it can be transformed into something that really works with your lifestyle.

A wardrobe designed and built with you in mind can include different sized hanging areas, shelves, drawers, cupboards and shoe spaces.

No more rummaging around under hanging clothes for your shoes and handbags. Footwear can be displayed neatly on adjustable shelves and handbags can be stacked or hung up. There are even shallow drawers available for jewellery, and tie and scarf racks.

A well-designed custom wardrobe will protect your clothes and shoes from creasing and damage as well as protect your sanity when rushing to leave the house in the morning.

Some walk-in wardrobes can include power points and even a chair to sit on while you put on your shoes.

A wardrobe layout can be configured to suit the client. If the homeowner wears a lot of dresses and coats, they need a large full-length hanging area. If they wear mostly suits, a three-quarter or half-sized hanging area would be sufficient.

Shelving is easier to access if built at the side or underneath the hanging areas, rather than above.

Shoe shelves are so much kinder on shoes than racks but they should be adjustable to house boots and larger shoes during winter and sandals during summer.

Flat shelves fit more shoes than cubby holes and are also cheaper as less material is needed to construct them.

A custom wardrobe can have sliding or hinged doors. Sliding doors don’t intrude into the room and are cheaper to make and install. But hinged doors give greater access to the entire wardrobe and allow for central drawers.

Babies and children have different wardrobes needs, and a modular custom wardrobe can be altered as the child grows and needs more space for clothes and less for accessories. Drawers and shelving are important for children and teens who mostly wear clothes that can be folded rather than hung up. Drawers and cupboards can shut away the mess while still allowing them to be organised.

A genuine custom wardrobe can incorporate whatever the client wishes. Built-in laundry bags or baskets are popular additions to a larger wardrobe and fitted ironing boards are a clever idea for streamlining the morning rush.