Tips for building a new home

Tips on buying vacant land

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There are many factors you need to take into consideration when purchasing a vacant block of land for your new home.


Firstly check out the neighbourhood, speak to your future neighbours and get their opinion on the area.  Also buying land in an area your familiar with, the closer you are to a main city; generally it means the land value is higher.

Size, shape and orientation

Your block’s exposure to the sun, wind and rain can affect your everyday living so the positioning of the home is quite important and it's also best to have a regular shape and flat to avoid costs of excavation and fill removal. Make sure the size of the home you choose to build fits on the vacant block, leaving space for gardens and fencing.


Get a qualified Geo technical engineer to perform a soil test before buying the land and have your builder go over the details contained within the report so you will know exactly what the land consists of. This simple move can save you thousands of dollars in extra foundation costs.



The land you desire may have a good view, but may lead to slips in the future; this can cost you more in excavation and removal of rock and you will need to pay more to reinforce the structure. These lots are always available at reduced cost due to the extra site costs required.


Easements can restrict your building options, have a look at your land title and speak to your local council regarding this. It may not be a problem, until you discover you have an easement right where you would like to install a pool.


Make sure water, electricity, gas, sewerage and communication cables are available in the area. Most areas have electricity and water but some have no gas and this can lead to expensive heating and cooling.


Try to avoid areas near an airport, flight path, near an industrial area or a train line, if so you might need to consider double glazed windows and other materials to block out the noise.


It may be good to check out the area to see if the desired block is near a shopping precinct, schools, parks and public transport.

Whether it is for yourself to live in or an investment, it can be a difficult yet an exciting decision to make, but do your research before buying land.

Contact your builder because he has vast knowledge of the areas and will know which are the better lots.