Tips for building a new home

Building a foundation for your new home

Mark Bryson - Friday, May 23, 2014

Ever wondered what is involved when creating the foundation for your new home? There are steps to take in order to make sure the slab is done correctly. 

There are materials that are also used to secure with the foundation. Be wary, as there have been issues with other known building companies whom don’t use these materials and end up with an unhappy customer and a home not built to standards.

Listed below are materials used to secure the slab:

Bored Pier


A common question I get asked a bored pier is a part of the foundations and basically takes the place of the old timber stump construction. Commonly used where the new home build is situated in a fill area. The bore pier is drilled by an auger bit on an excavator and drilled down to founding depth and then filled with concrete. The new home build slab can then be constructed on top of the bored piers which intern will hold the slab in position without sinking into the fill area.

Screw Pile


A screw pile is an engineered steel shaft with a small auger bit on the tip and is driven into the ground by an attachment on an excavator and turned into the ground till founding depth in achieved. Once founding depth is achieved the screw pile is cut at the slab reinforcement level and attached to support the slab.

Founding Depth

Also you may be wondering what is founding depth, this is a question I get asked many times by new home buyers and it’s a simple answer the founding depth is earth that will resist the weight of the new home. In some cases the earth is stronger at lower levels and some areas higher. The slab always requires the founding depth to be attained either with some type of extension to the slab or supported by bored piers or the like.

This is why it is very important to choose the right builder for your new home, if not done right; it may end up costing you more.