Tips for building a new home

Alarm systems

Mark Bryson - Saturday, June 07, 2014

At Berstan Homes we have found that it is becoming standard for our new home builds to have an alarm system fitted. 

Most clients are becoming more security minded and an alarm system gives them that piece of mind. The technology available today is amazing we can install an alarm in our new homes that are programmed to call your phone if the alarm is activated. That function is not the normal our most common alarm system installed has a monitor screen, doorbell and 3-4 censors internally mounted in the home for movement detection.

The alarms are easy to operate and come with a 12 month warranty. A light is mounted at the front of the home in a highly visible position so everyone knows your home as an alarm. 

It is a common fact that homes fitted with alarm systems are less likely to be burgled.