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Retirees Ripped Off

Mark Bryson - Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I was with some clients last week and they were discussing how one of their parents had just purchased a home in a retirement village. The costs were ridiculously high for the property they purchased. The cost was $700,000 for a 10 square home with a carport for one vehicle with management fees every week on top of the $700,000.

The rip off doesn't end there, the monthly fees like body corporate fees in a normal strata title unit, the management fees are payable even if the unit is empty and waiting to be sold.

Families are complaining that fees are demanded for months and sometimes years after the death because the unit can't be sold.
Even if the property can be sold more management fees are taken from the sale price and in some cases 100% of the sale price is charged.
Berstan Homes with their development partners have come up with a way you can beat the system by purchasing a retirement style home designed for the retiree without the headaches of a retirement village.
Our homes are fully self-contained and there are no ongoing fees just rates, power, water.
Our properties are 2 or 3 bedroom 14 square homes with low maintenance landscaping and all the modern conveniences you would expect from a brand new home. If the garden is too much for you Berstan Homes can arrange a gardening manager for you at an affordable price.
There are no exit fees and no management fees.
Call Berstan Homes today for more details about these great packages.