Knock down rebuild

Knock down rebuild Melbourne

Mark Bryson - Friday, August 17, 2018

Getting the run around with your builder? First spoke to sales consultant one, then you got passed over to consultant two, then he couldn’t help so you were then transferred to consultant three who still couldn’t work out what you wanted to know, so it was off to consultant four!  
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Knockdown rebuild Doncaster.

Mark Bryson - Monday, July 23, 2018

Another demolition is now underway at one of our Doncaster sites. The old home will be making way for a pair of 34s/q high end custom designed homes. 
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Knock down rebuild Preston

Mark Bryson - Friday, May 25, 2018

Timber ceiling lining boards are starting to make a return to the custom home build design. 
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Custom builder Wonga Park

Mark Bryson - Monday, May 07, 2018

A perfect use of Austral bricks San Selmo Smoked bricks in a feature fireplace with outstanding results. 
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Knock down rebuild Balwyn

Mark Bryson - Monday, April 23, 2018

A custom designed kitchen with a combination of stone and a raised timber benchtop that creates a fantastic feature. 
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Knockdown rebuild Melbourne

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

With so many ageing houses throughout Melbourne’s suburbs, its little wonder that knock down rebuilds is becoming the norm.  
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Knock down rebuild Melbourne

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Melbourne new home builder Berstan Homes has an experienced team of professionals available for any knock down rebuild project in Melbourne.  
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Knockdown rebuild costs Melbourne

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Last week I was talking to some potential clients for our company and I was interested in hearing about the costs they were looking at for an extension of their existing home.
They had been quoted by several leading Melbourne building companies specializing in extensions and the estimates ranged between $390 - $460k. The scope of the works is as follows:
Ground floor required several walls to be demolished and the inclusion of some steel work the brief also included a new kitchen.
Addition of a staircase with new plastering and paint work throughout.
The construction of a second level comprising of 3 bedrooms including 2 bathrooms and a living area.
The time allowed for the project from the building permit being approved was 12 months till completion.
We discussed the possibility of doing a knockdown new build on the site and we did a preliminary inspection of the site and came up with the following figures.
Demolition of existing home the custom design of the home that would suit the client and construction of the new 31 square home worked out around $380k.
The main difference was not just the price it was the fact that the clients could have the home design they really wanted with no compromises due to existing works.
Other major factors were the home was brand new with warranties and substantially more sustainable with being more environmentally friendly.
By using the vast array new products available on the new build we are able to create stunning results and a home worthy of any street scape.  
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Knock down rebuild Melbourne

Mark Bryson - Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our quoting of late with knock down rebuild Melbourne are increasing steadily by around 10% per year and I have been noticing most enquiries are from existing land owners.
Most of our clients are simply unable to find the home they want and really are struggling to find knock down homes in their area so the only solution is a knock down rebuild of their existing home.
Dual occupancy solutions are also proving very popular as this is an ideal way of paying for the complete build cost of new home.
We offer numerous dual occupancy home designs that suit most land sizes.
By doing a knock down rebuild it assures you of getting the custom home design that will suit you and your family.
Berstan Homes have a selected group of professionals specializing in knock down rebuilds and can offer the complete package.
Berstan Homes will handle all planning applications, sub-division, designing, surveying, engineering, landscape design and a quality build.
Berstan Homes offer a personalized approach to the whole process and will take all the stress from the project so you can concentrate on your everyday routine without the headaches. 
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Free home in Doncaster/Templestowe

Mark Bryson - Monday, November 30, 2015

Berstan Homes are giving you an opportunity to get a brand new home for free if you own your land in Doncaster or Templestowe and your land is suitable for a knock down rebuild. How it works? Berstan Homes will do a free assessment of your land for suitability. Once Berstan Homes have completed their assessment if you can build a dual occupancy dwelling on your land, Berstan Homes will give you a fixed price to construct the dual occupancy or two maybe three standalone dwellings.
The construction cost of the homes will in most cases equal to the sale price for one of the homes leaving you with a brand new home for free! Another way to look at the equation would be to rent one home out and get a passive income as rental demand in Doncaster/Templestowe is very high.
Mark and Paul Bryson the directors of Berstan Homes both grew up in Doncaster/Templestowe and have plenty of local knowledge to share. Over the years Berstan Homes have assembled an unbeatable group of expert professionals in their residential home building company specializing in knock down new builds, custom homes, unit developments and dual occupancy builds.
Berstan Homes really offer a one stop shop we handle all council, planning issues, designing, engineering, sustainability, surveying, demolition, sub-division and the construction of a quality building with longevity. Our custom homes are architecturally designed to maximize land usage with standalone Street appeal.
Doncaster/Templestowe is an area with plenty going for it with Beverley Hills Primary School being in the top 5 best public primary school in Victoria for the last 7 years.
Doncaster/Templestowe also has many specialty strip shops and Westfield Shopping Centre, numerous restaurants and sporting grounds. All of these amenities make Doncaster/Templestowe the perfect suburb for families and seniors alike to call home 
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