Knock down rebuild

Custom home building 3

Mark Bryson - Friday, March 18, 2016

Vacant land in the inner suburbs and surrounds of Melbourne is virtually nonexistent; it is this scarcity combined with the strong demand for property in these inner suburbs that has seen the emergence of the ‘knock down rebuild’ phenomenon. 

Melbourne based home building company Berstan Homes have solutions and designs to suit any shaped or size block, as well as a large range of facades. Doing a knockdown rebuild gives you the flexibility to still live in a modern home without building something that is in keeping with the integrity and style of the neighbourhood. A custom built knockdown rebuild home is the only way you don’t need to compromise your homes design and liveability.
The knockdown rebuilding taking place across Melbourne has many advantages including employment growth in the construction sector, reinvigorating and revitalising established areas, and providing investors with increased opportunities to purchase property close to the CBD.
With the proliferation of apartment building in Melbourne, this has created many areas with older properties too remain within budget for knockdown rebuilds.