House & Land Packages

We Ask The Questions

  • We ask what size block of land are you looking for?
  • Do you want an elevated lot with views in mind?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What type and style of home?
  • Do you want a home for entertaining?
  • What age group would you fall into?
  • What conveniences do you want within close proximity?
  • Is public transport a high priority?
  • What commuting time for work would you accept?
  • What size is your family?
  • Have you a person in your family that has special needs?
  • Are parklands a feature in your lifestyle?
  • Will this home be an investment property?
  • Are you a first home buyer?
  • Are you down sizing?
  • Will this home be for somebody else?


We Answer The Questions

  • We find out about you and your family.
  • We find out what you want, where you would like to live and what size home you would like us to build for you and your family.
  • We have a huge knowledge base to draw on through years of experience.
  • We know most of the agents.
  • We know nearly all of the estates.
  • We are getting constant updates as to the best land deals in the market.
  • We also find out where and when commercial developments, near the estates are happening and this is a great  tool for investors as for home owners, in regards to amenity.


We Work it all Out

The Berstan team will put all this information together and will find you the perfect home and land package for your requirements. This process will not only save you time but possibly many tens of thousands of dollars.

Berstan Homes will also get you the best deal on your finance with our finance partners Mortgage Effect .

Something to remember Berstan Homes is not owned or affiliated with any developers so we will get you the best deal for you, not somebody else.


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