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Why own a dog

Mark Bryson - Friday, July 11, 2014
There are so many reasons for owing a dog.

  • Companionship
  • Guardianship
  • Ask for nothing
  • You and your family are the centre of their world
  • Better hearing than you and know when somebody is at your front door before they ring the bell.
  • Walking the dog is not only good for them, but healthy for you as well.
  • Easy care depending on which type of dog, chosen dogs with long coats require more attention then dogs with short coats. Size of the dog is also something to take into account if you have a large backyard a large dog can be kept, if not and you live in a home with a small backyard then a smaller breed would be a better choice.
  • Breed selection: there is no such thing as a bad dog, it all comes down to the owner and training.
  • There are many local dog groups that get together socially in parks and swap training ideas, which are of great benefit to new dog owners.
  • Many don't have a dog because of the hassle of who will look after the dog when we go away on holidays? The answer is simple there are many dog kennels around most areas that are very professionally run and you can rest assured your dog will be in good hands while you and your family go away.
There are many more reasons to have a dog as part of your family these are just a few.